Your Work is Given to Our Employees... not Stringers or Remote Cubicle Workers Who Work in Places Like This ...

Our Medical Transcription Professionals are not crammed into cubicles like this

We do not contract with off-shore centers. When you entrust Pacific Medical Transcription with your work, your medical records stay in the United States. They stay in our office.

We do not farm work out to "independent contractors."

We do not cram piece-work contractors into cubicles.

We do not believe that cheap employment practices truly save money.

We Employ San Franciscans

We are proud of our love of San Francisco.

Our staff members' volunteer work in the community. Individuals on our team are encouraged to share their talent and time with causes that matter to them — and they give of themselves generously.

San Francisco Medical Transcriptionists

Pacific Medical Transcription believes that the knowledge, skill, and dedication of our staff are our best assets.

  • All transcriptionists have at least six years of professional medical transcription when hired.
  • We believe that the accuracy of medical words is of the utmost importance to both physicians and the patients they serve.
  • We share a deep work ethic, and are resourceful.
  • Our staff includes PhD's in scientific fields and former clinical workers.

Amy S. Kelly, owner, is proud of her staff, most of whom have been with the company for many years. Amy has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, with expertise in a wide variety of medical, psychiatric and scientific fields. Nancy Munn is Pacific Medical Transcription's administrator.

We work together as a cohesive team, focusing on the business goals of quality service and initiating and maintaining satisfying working relationships. The staff has high-energy work habits and participates in management decisions to streamline production.

The quality and professionalism of the Pacific Medical Transcription staff is reflected in the product and the long-term relationships we have with clients.

At this time of governmental overview of privacy conventions and regulations, our staff has certified compliance with HIPAA/HITECH confidentiality procedures and regulations for the protection of patient information while producing and maintaining medical reports and archives.

Quality Medical Transcription Staff Deserve to be Treated Well

Medical Transcription Work EnvironmentA stable, dedicated,, professional team produces higher quality work more efficiently than any short-sighted cost-cutting method.

Staff who feel invested in their work find better ways to meet client requirements.

When we discussed what to show on the web page, our staff asked that we publish a picture of their work area.

It's not luxurious. Yet, each person has adequate space which they personalize. Their work area is a quiet, comfortable place for them to deliver high quality transcription service to our clients.