Legal Transcription Services of Medical Records

Medical transcriptions for legal proceedings are essential for workers compensation, insurance investigations, depositions, and other legal processes.

Pacific Medical Transcription and its experienced staff produce high quality documents which facilitate quick resolution of the proceedings.

San Francisco's Premiere Legal Transcription Firm's Value to You

Pacific Medical Transcription offers state-of-the-art services for our medical-legal clients.  We provide:

  • Expertise in medical and legal transcription terminology
  • Certified HIPAA/HITECH consultation and systems designed specifically for your legal transcription confidentiality and security requirements
  • A wide spectrum of media and transfer systems including:
    • A 24-hour in-house dictation system with secure, easy and convenient access from any telephone
    • A variety of Internet-based digital dictation file formats including WAV, DSS, MP3, WMA formats; or IT staff can find solutions for other formats
    • Transfer of records by secure Internet systems
    • Transfer of digital files by email with summary data sheet
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for secure file exchange (we use LeapFILE)
    • Expeditious pick-up, delivery and transfer of records and portable media for San Francisco clients
  • STAT (priority turnaround) service
  • Support for any legal document format requirements
  • Individualized formats
  • Secure archiving and retrieval of transcribed documents
  • Highest level of quality control

Legal Transcription Services

We provide medical-legal transcription services, including:

  • Workers Compensation documentation and reporting
  • Medical insurance claims investigations
  • Deposition transcriptions from recordings
  • Expert witness briefs
  • Amicus Curiae briefs
  • Abstracting of medical records
  • Legibility conversion of handwritten documents (e.g. physicians' and Rx notations)
  • Interviews and dictated summaries and reports
  • Legal correspondence